Course Catalog


Course Catalog


Working to help the small business professional understand and feel comfortable with the basics of running a business, the bsnsAtlas course catalog provides online, video learning on two different levels.  This two-tiered structure offers both the ability to study subject matter to provide a well-rounded understanding of a general area; as well as more streamlined learning specific topics.

  • [M]asterClass courses are comprehensive, in-depth learning that run between four and five hours and will cover many aspects within the subject matter

  • [F]ocused courses are shorter and more targeted lessons that provide instruction on a specific topic

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#1 - Understand The Fundamentals   [M]

Master fundamental accounting and bookkeeping concepts and terms making owners, employees and students more confident and successful ! This Master Class begins to build the foundation of business financial principals.

53 units - 4.5 hours  

#2 - Understand The Mechanics   [M]

Now that you grasp the fundamental concepts and principals of business bookkeeping, it’s time to learn how to actually start recording your actions! Learn Debits and Credits, Adjusting Entries, Depreciation, Inventory Adjustments and More!

37 units - 3.25 hours

#3 - QuickBooks™ Fundamentals [M]

The most popular bookkeeping software in the world is explained in this easy-to-understand course that walks the student through the process of setting up, using and mastering the fundamentals of Intuit’s QuickBooks™.

52 units - 5 hours


Personal Finance   [F]

It’s always beneficial to understand Personal Finance but especially when you’re working or studying in small business; doing so helps you better relate your business actions to ones in your personal life you are more familiar with…

24 units - 1.75 hours (and growing!)

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In  Development

Bookkeeping Practice Sets  [F]

Use the lessons and knowledge from the Bookkeeping Basics course to practice actual entries for sample companies. Gain the experience and confidence!

Understanding Bsns Taxes  [F]

Payroll taxes are the recognizable ones but what about Sales Tax, Use Tax, Unemployment Reports and more?  This course covers all of them and more!

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  • Preparing To Set Up QuickBooks

  • Inventory Systems

  • Preparing and Using Budgets

  • Introduction to SquareSpace

  • Petty Cash Systems

  • Separation of Bookkeeping Duties

  • Payroll Processing

  • Figuring Out Social Media

  • Interviewing and Hiring Employees

  • Purchase Orders Systems

  • Document Retention

  • Analyzing Accounts Receivables

  • Debt Collections and Write Offs

  • What Exactly Is A "Corporation"?

  • Taxes - Payroll

  • Taxes - Sales and Use

  • Tax Forms for Small Businesses

  • Employee or Contractor?

  • Starting A Business

  • Understanding a P&L Report

  • Managing Accounts Payables